Now you have seen what happens when people who think the way we do DON’T vote. There is no reason for you to be surprised. Only 40% percent of licensed hunters in Virginia are registered to vote! Far fewer voted last fall!

We are calling on hunt clubs to require their members to register to vote and show their voter registration card to be a hunt club member. Then vote, get your spouse, children, cousins, grandchildren, your friends and neighbors to VOTE!

Election Day 2023 is November 5th. You have no excuse for not being registered and voting. It is the obligation of all citizens. If you need a voter registration form, you can download one here and then print it off.

Alternatively, you can obtain a voter registration form at any one of the following locations:

  • Local voter registration office (look up tool)
  • State or local government offices when applying or re-certifying for Aid to Dependent Children, Food Stamps, WIC, Medicaid, or Rehabilitation Services
  • Government offices in the State that provide State-funded programs primarily engaged in providing services to person with disabilities
  • Armed forces recruitment offices
  • Public libraries
  • Virginia Department of Elections office
  • Department of Motor Vehicles offices
  • Voter Registration Drives

The completed application can be filed with the local registration office or mailed to the address printed on the form. Once you have submitted your registration form, you should receive an information card or other correspondence confirming your registration status. If you do not receive one, contact your local Registrar’s Office to make sure that your application has been processed. You can also check for your voter record online.

Deadlines — Please note: The deadline to register to vote also applies to updating your voter registration address.  Generally the deadline for registration is three weeks before a general election and shorter for special elections to fill vacancies.  If your address change is not submitted to the office of the general registrar by the applicable deadline for the election in which you wish to vote, you may not be able to vote.  Please notify the general registrar of address changes promptly.

If you need any other information, please visit the Virginia Department of Elections Voter Registration page.