The Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance has fought hard to preserve the hunting with dogs tradition in Virginia. Our membership numbers have grown continuously. Today, our membership stands close to 60,000 and it is our goal to enlist all of the 190,000 hunting with dogs in Virginia.

The Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance is working to secure, for posterity, the heritage of hunting with dogs in the Commonwealth of Virginia and to promote and advance the opportunities to use dogs for hunting through thorough educational programs and political action.

Educational programs promote hunting with dogs to the general public, the sportsmen’s community, and elected officials. Political action may include all state and local offices (excluding Federal elections, but may include issues at the Federal level) and include lobbying the members of the Virginia General Assembly in support of the right to hunt with dogs.

The Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance is a Committee of autonomous organizations and individuals working in conjunction with each other under the umbrella of the Commonwealth Sportsmen’s Alliance, Inc., a Virginia Political Action Committee.