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The 2020 Virginia General Assembly session began on Wednesday, January 8, 2020.
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SB 886: Hunting with dogs; retrieval and trespass; discharge of firearm on road. //Introduced by: David W. Marsden 

You can read the summary here

We oppose this bill. This bill effectively eliminates the “Right To Retrieve” and is an effort by commercial hunting interests to get dogs off the land. OPPOSE SB 886

SB 774 Big game hunting; guaranteed kills prohibited; penalty. // Introduced by: A. Benton “Ben” Chafin

You can read the summary here

We support this bill. This bill would outlaw commercial big game hunting in Virginia and originated with VAHDA. SUPPORT SB 774

Please call or email our elected officials and tell them you OPPOSE SB 886 and SUPPORT SB774

UPDATE: SB774 has passed the Senate and is headed to the House of Delegates

Senate Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee

Peterson, Chair      (804) 698-7534     email: district34@senate.virginia.gov
Hanger                    (804) 698-7524     email: district24@senate.virginia.gov
Ruff                        (804) 698-7524     email: district24@senate.virginia.gov
Obenshain            (804) 698-7526     email: district26@senate.virginia.gov
Stuart                        (804) 698-7528     email: district28@senate.virginia.gov
Marsden                    (804) 698-7537    email: district37@senate.virginia.gov
Stanley                      (804) 698-7520     email: district20@senate.virginia.gov
Lewis                         (804) 698-7506    email: district06@senate.virginia.gov
Suetterlein                (804) 698-7519      email: district19@senate.virginia.gov
Mason                       (804) 698-7501     email: district01@senate.virginia.gov
McClellan                  (804) 698-7509    email: district09@senate.virginia.gov
Favola                       (804) 698-7531    email: district31@senate.virginia.gov
Morrissey                   (804) 698-7516    email: district16@senate.virginia.gov
Pillion                        (804) 698-7540    email: district40@senate.virginia.gov
Hashmi                     (804) 698-7510    email: district10@senate.virginia.gov

Judiciary Committee

Edwards           (804) 698-7521        email: district21@senate.virginia.gov
Saslaw           (804) 698-7535        email: district35@senate.virginia.gov
Norment         (804) 698-7503        email: district03@senate.virginia.gov
Lucas               (804) 698-7518        email: district18@senate.virginia.gov
Obenshain       (804) 698-7526         email: district26@senate.virginia.gov
McDougle          (804) 698-7504        email: district04@senate.virginia.gov
Staurt               (804) 698-7528        email: district28@senate.virginia.gov
Stanley              (804) 698-7520        email: district20@senate.virginia.gov
Chafin                (804) 698-7538        email: district38@senate.virginia.gov
Deeds                (804) 698-7525        email: district25@senate.virginia.gov
Peterson            (804) 698-7534         email: district34@senate.virginia.gov
Surovell            (804) 698-7536           email: district36@senate.virginia.gov
McClellan        (804) 698-7509            email: district09@senate.virginia.gov
Boysko            (804) 698-7533            email: district33@senate.virginia.gov
Morrissey        (804) 698-7516            email: district16@senate.virginia.gov

With 3000 bills having been filed, it is impossible to report on all of the bills; however, three
bills of interest to some houndsmen and women were heard this past week:

HB 1188 a bill to return the bear hunting license to the deer and turkey license was withdrawn by the
sponsor in House Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources Committee.

HB 963, a bill to allow a farmer to insist that bear be killed when damaging crops was defeated.

HB 1632 :a bill to allow Sunday hunting on public lands was defeated in House Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources Committee.